Below you will find some works carried out by us for the adaptation of some artifact that are not standard in the trade and are not produced.

We will update this section with our work, so you can be informed of querllo that we can run.

We had to make a shower tray 120x70 custom, as the position within the prefabbriccato in which it was mounted was to have a height greater than querlli standard that we find in commericio.

If you did not make this change, the risk was that we could not provide the necessary tilting the drain in order to allow it to drain the water.

We were asked to create a bathtub on me measure.

The modification consists in bringing the normal length of 1.80 mt. to that required or 2.13 mt. was also added also a port objects that creates a single body with the tub.

We insert the short project will put the forto workmanship.

Now we show the model used to make the mold after its extraction.

Here you can see the mold in phase waxing for the realization of the first printed of the tank to measure.

This is the final result, the pool is ready for installation, finished, polished and perfectly atiscivolo on the bottom.

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