With the passage of time and with the continuous changes in the global market, Global Resin decided to further expand in different markets and in the development phase.

In the past we have run the working body of wind turbines to other countries on behalf of a customer outside but the real new product was the creation of cells bathroom prefaccabricati of holiday villages in Italy and abroad.

This production was created in collaboration with a company of northern Italy and that allowed us to experience a new frontier for the reality we live every day.


Thanks to this new experience, we have decided to launch into a series of new work that will allow us to be able to meet your needs and demands.

See our new section "OUR WORK"

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Production pleasure boats in fiberglass VTR yacht Dominator Azimut Benetti external assistance and external restoration in Viareggio harbor Fano production manufactured for interior and exterior fiberglass furniture accessories cellulle bathroom sinks for prefabricated shelves shelves window sinks shower trays all individual products for sale in fiberglass production measure on demand according to the needs at your leisure to my liking as I decided that I