Our company has the primary objective to grow exponentially using all the latest technology available to provide greater value to our customers. The primary field of specialization and development currently is the department of internal all'enzienda infusion that is continually updated with development courses and training from our suppliers.

Since then the recent demand and the desire to grow we are looking into the possibility of purchase and installation of CNC machines for cutting materials needed for processing.


GLOBAL RESIN s.r.l. Sede: Via dei Laghi, 12/B 61036 Calcinelli di Colli al Metauro (PU) - C.F. e P.IVA 02490580418 - Tel. 0721-620405 - email amministrazione@globalresin.it
Production pleasure boats in fiberglass VTR yacht Dominator Azimut Benetti external assistance and external restoration in Viareggio harbor Fano production manufactured for interior and exterior fiberglass furniture accessories cellulle bathroom sinks for prefabricated shelves shelves window sinks shower trays all individual products for sale in fiberglass production measure on demand according to the needs at your leisure to my liking as I decided that I